FSharp.Control.AsyncRx is a library for asynchronous and reactive programming, and is an implementation of Async Observables (ReactiveX) for F# and Fable. FSharp.Control.AsyncRx makes it easy to compose and combine streams of asynchronous event based data such as timers, mouse-moves, keyboard input, web requests and enables you to do operations such as:

  • Filter
  • Transform
  • Aggregate
  • Combine
  • Time-shift

FSharp.Control.AsyncRx was designed spesifically for targeting Fable which means that the code may be transpiled to JavaScript, and thus the same F# code may be used both client and server side for full stack software development.

See /fable.elmish/index for use of FSharp.Control.AsyncRx with Elmish and the model view update (MVU) style architecture.